Composite fiberglass is by far the superior material for the construction of loadbearing poles:

  • Fiberglass will not rust, rot or corrode. This of course enhances the pole's long term strength and appearance, particularly in salt water or corrosive environments.
  • Fiberglass has a significantly greater strength to weight ratio than competitive materials and therefore its lighter weight lowers shipping and on-site handling costs.
  • Fiberglass is non-conductive, therefore enhancing safety from electrical hazards.
  • All PLP poles are computer designed based on NAAMM and AASHTO standards. Loadbearing and deflection performance is verified through extensive and on-going destructive testing.
  • PLP offers a range of standard colors but we can also match any specified color to tie in with the particular architectural color theme of a building or landscape area.
  • PLP poles are manufactured with a custom designed fiberglass woven roving which allows us to fabricate over 75% of the reinforcing glass in the vertical plane, maximizing desired rigidity and axial strength.
  • The coating materials on all PLP poles are of the highest quality and standard to ensure long lasting and maintenance free beauty.

Unlike metal, fiberglass is maintenance free. Flagpoles made of this unique material have a multi-coated high luster finish that is durable and soil resistant. Since fiberglass absorbs sound, the noisy clanging of snaps on metal is not a problem. Because fiberglass is non-conductive, grounding is not required unless wire halyards are used. Even the installation is simple. The lightweight characteristics of fiberglass make it easy for a homeowner to install the residential models. All that is needed is a little help and a few household tools.

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